Struggles Of Guy Mates

The age old question: can a guy and girl be friends? Whilst we think it can be A-ok, there's still those day to day struggles that every boy/girl friendship feels. Who's with us? 

Feelings get confused. He does something super nice and it becomes a secret sign of affection on a deeper level! 

The 'Are you dating?' question. Forget about doing anything together because nosey siblings and friends are just gonna make your life super awkward! Don’t even try explaining! 

Constantly wondering if he sees you as more than a friend! Would things change if we took it there? Would he want to? 

Getting jealous. It starts to feel as if everything is falling apart when he starts dating someone or spends more time with a new potential significant other. And you try convincing yourself that you aren’t jealous because really you just want to date him

Expectations! Because your relationship is different, and held at a higher standard, when expectations aren't met, it hurts twice as much!     

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