Struggles Of In Between Weather

It’s still chilly but the sun’s out. The struggle is most definitely real

What Tights Are Right?

100 den is too thick yet 15 ladders just by looking at them. Tights look more profesh, yet bare legged can look like I’m about to hit the club. What it really boils down to is can I be bothered to shave my legs?

Get Your Coat…

But DO we? Would I rather sweat under the weight of my trusty winter coat or risk hypothermia on the walk home from work? Choices, choices…

Open Toe Shoe Hell

When’s the right time to debut your spring pedi? Your weather app said sunny but that puddle you just nearly drowned in says otherwise. Trust no-one.

The Color Pressure

Black is fine in autumn/winter. It isn’t questioned, it isn’t judged and everything is safe. Spring brings with it a palette of pastel hues, floral patterns and basically everything girly. My wardrobe of black skinnies, boyfriend tees and biker jackets does NOT know how to handle this. Code red, well, black.

The Confusion

Yesterday I was in a polo neck and checked cigarette pants, today I’m in a cami and midi skirt. I don’t know what’s going on. How do I pack for a weekend away when I can barely leave the house at the right temperature?

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