Tall Girl Gains

This week we've been biggin' up the tall girls and to round up the celebrations, I've pulled together some of my fave things about being above average height. Obviously short or tall, it really doesn't matter; it's how you own it that counts. 

But, if you are tall like me, this is how we rock...

You can see EVERYTHING!

Gig, opening, January sale, however big the crowd, you can always keep your eye on the prize; winning!

Those legs were made for walking

It literally takes you half the time to reach your destination – 20 mins? Whatever Google Maps, you’ll be there in 10, unflustered and fabulous.

You’re a total female boss

Towering over people in heels can be pretty empowering, it’s so not about being afraid to stand above the crowd.

Life is a rollercoaster

No seriously, you were always above the required height to go on the most thrilling rides; laters losers.

Get in there

You breeze straight into bars and clubs without the ‘I left my ID at home’ drama, for some reason nobody questions your baby face when it’s so high up; no complaints here.

 Shotgun just isn’t a thing

Forget the front seat scramble, whether it’s your dad’s drive or one of your friends, everyone knows you’re up front – hello, you have the longest legs in the group!

You’re the bigger person

In fact, nearly everybody looks up to you. 

image source: giphy