#TBT Celebs Then VS. Now

Now, this is all kinds of weird.

We got a bit Photoshop happy, and decided to pair some familiar faces next to their old, not-so familiar faces. And the results? Well, take a gander for yourselves.

Disclaimer: readers may be exposed to multiple eyebrow fails, excessive amounts of chunky jewellery and some dodgy dye-jobs. 

Ariana Grande

Just hang on a minute... THIS is the same person? It's crazy what a spray tan, hair die and a few grands-worth of bling can do. Mind = officially blown. 

Miley Cyrus

Just after wrapping up Hannah Montana, Miley looked like your typical Disney teen. The glossy locks, girly frocks, low-key make-up. Then 2013 came along... 

BAM. The clothes came off, and the tongue came out (over, and over, and over...)

Kylie Jenner

This just makes me thankful that my mum didn't talk me into starring in a reality show when I was 14. Not that anyone would care about my life, but y'know. Paparazzi pics of me repping my over-plucked brows and pink dip-dye? I'll pass, thanks.

Whether you approve of the plumper lips or not, you can't deny that she's looking on point these days. Gimme dat lip-kit gurl. 

Taylor Swift

Everything about T-Swizzle would have been goals in 2007. Ringlet curls? Yep. Unnecessary amounts of statement jewellery? Show me those bangles. Baby pink lip gloss? Smother me in that sh*t.

Nearly 10 years on and she's slaying even harder. Snaps for you and your fabulous red lips, Tay-Tay. 

Victoria Beckham

Well, well, WELL. What do we have here... 

Can we just appreciate that this woman went from sporting an embellished bandana/streaky highlights combo (not to mention doing a track with Dane Bowers, LOL), to one of the most sophisticated fashion designers going? Anything is possible, kids. 

Kim K

Hai there 2008 Kimmy. They say money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you an absolutely fire make-up team. Mo' money, less blue eye-shadow.