Thanksgiving Survival Guide...

Got a long road trip with the family? DO NOT forget to update your playlist and pack your headphones to drown out your siblings screaming ‘Are we there yet?!’ and your Dad’s BAD choice of radio station! Let’s be honest, you’ll probably need them when you arrive, we all love grandpa but we have been listening to that same story since 2005! 

Assess the dinner table situation carefully in order to avoid placing yourself next to loud Uncle Larry, maybe it’s time he laid off the wine, 2pm, 2 bottles deep and you haven’t even eaten yet!

Sure, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to spend all day eating and chatting but don’t skimp on the other traditions! It wouldn’t be the same without watching the Parade in the morning – I know, it’s dreary and terrible but it's a holiday ritual! At least watch the game with the family or in true Friends fashion head outside with the ball for girls against boys family play offs – Go Girl Power! Think ahead with the entertainment and get your festive films and movie marathons ready for when the conversation runs out, they’re as much a part of Thanksgiving as the Turkey, right?!