The 7 Stages Of 1D-pression

Blubbing over your cup of tea as you remember all those Little Things? The crinkles by Harry's eyes when he smiles, the sound of their voices on tape. Don't feel alone, we're right there with you!

1. Denial

"You and me got a whole lot of history. So don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever!"

2. Anger

"Get out, get out, get out of my head!"

3. Bargaining

"Can we fall, one more time? Stop the tape and rewind. I’ll be here by your side, no more fears, no more crying."

4. Justifying your emotions to non-Directioners:

"(He’s) been my queen, since we were 16, we want the same things, we dream the same dreams, alright!"

5. Depression:

"How many nights would it take to count the stars? That’s the time it would take to fix my heart."

6. Remembering The Good Times:

"And we danced all night to the best song ever, we knew every line now I can’t remember how it goes but I know that I won’t forget (them)."

7. Acceptance

"There’s nothing to be afraid of, even when the night changes, it will never change me and you."