The Emotional Stages Of Leaving College

This is it, it's over. The best three years of your life have come to an end and you'e not quite sure whether to feel sad or relieved, right? Just a heads up, this is what you're about to go through...


OMG IT'S OVER!! You'll never again have to pick up a text book or sit an exam, life in education has finally come to an end!


Time for a week of fun! From planned picnics to the biggest blow outs, you'll be doing everything you can to make sure this is the best week of your lives. Hittin' it hard like a fresher is the only way to go out in style.

The drunken breakdown

Whether it's the squad's song coming on or just someone shouting "shots" for the last time, the memories are just too much and before you know it you're all sobbing on the dance floor (with a few weird stares but who actually cares at this point? You'll never see them again... even that's emosh!)

The sober breakdown

It's the morning after the night before, everyone's still in their PJs, snuggled into one bed feeling pretty sorry for themselves... cue crying sesh no 2.

Moving back home

The realisation that in "the real world", eating pizza at 2am and living in pyjamas just isn't acceptable is hitting pretty hard. And forget bringing your mates home for an after party, the fear of waking up your parents is back!

The family fall out

The novelty of home cooked dinners and fresh laundry has finally worn off. Now all you hear is "What are you doing today?", "Why haven't you got up yet?", "Don't you have any friends to meet?" No mum, I haven't because I had to leave them all to come back here... LEAVE ME ALONE!!

The job search

"Get a degree" they said. "You'll get a great job" they said.


Maybe you've already landed your dream job or like the majority of us, haven't got a clue what you want to do, either way life's just not as great as it was. Waking up pre-midday all. the. time. is just exhausting. Where's all the fun? I want my friends back... maybe the textbooks weren't so bad?

On the rebound

Somehow you've manged to forget the hell that is uni work and decided 'You know what, a Masters looks like a great idea'. It ain't over til it's over...


It's time to accept it, uni is ACTUALLY over, but they were defo the best years of your life!

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