The Stylefix team react...

To that Kim K photo

Just over three hours and 460k likes later, we still can't get over Kim K's saucy bathroom selfie. Judging by the platinum locks we're guessing the image captioned 'When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL' is a throwback that's been casually waiting in Kim's camera roll for the past few months. 

Of course this was the first topic on the agenda of today's Monday morning team meeting, so I thought I'd share some of our responses to KK's latest internet breaking post. 

Woah. Amazing bod, strange caption


Great bathroom – whoever designed this – props to them. Lots of space for bathroom things and a marble floor?! Instagram HEAVEN


wow that’s v brave,  great body, but also can’t really take to the caption about her having nothing to wear!


LOL, it’s all about the caption 


Thirsty for the likes


That's definitely been Photoshopped but also, does she need that many towels? 


What a bod! Is that a TV in the bathroom? Dream situation.


Kim K has nothing to wear? So the rest of us have no hope then…