#theboohoostoreLA | Clarissa May

Watch Clarissa May's guide on how to slay Coachella style. If you need some tips on how to own festival style, we're loving all the outfits our YouTube babe put together. (Even if you're just looking for some festival make-up inspo, Clarissa is  killing it in glitter!)

Q&A with Clarissa May

We caught up with the YouTube star while she hung out with her fans in our LA pop up store....

"By day I’m a YouTuber. By night I’m a YouTuber haha!" 

Seriously? Outside of YouTube I really love to draw and paint, I love music and I love playing the piano and I also have done quite a lot of dance as well (Clarissa you must be so busy!)

Tell us something we don’t already know about you:

I used to have two pet guineapigs, one name ruffles and one names pumpkin. Also most people don’t know that my absolute favorite food is sushi!

So you’re known for your life hack youtube videos, what would your top 5 festival hacks be?

Drink plenty of water

Take a backpack or a fanny pack instead of a purse

Take a back up pair of sunglasses, those are really important

Use waterproof make-up cause you’ll be sweating throughout the day it gets really hot!

Did I already say drink plenty of water?!

Favorite products in the store today?

I am obsessed with the kimonos and I love the fringe booties that you guys have in store! Anything suede and anything lace up, I love!