#theboohoostoreLA | Thank You LA

Last week the doors closed to our pop up store in LA (crying emoji) and I'm having some serious California withdrawal symptoms already! 

So, for a first night we teamed up with CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka and kicked off the pop up store in true boohoo style, a bangin' launch party with some of the hottest VIPs in LA. When Mischa Barton walked in I was all like, “Marissa’s here!...OK, play it cool, do not call her Marissa!'. Oh and yes, Bella Thorne really does look that fierce IRL. #bodgoals 

With a little help from DJs Sam Ronson and Saint Claire the party got seriously pumpin'. Tupac did tell us California know how to partyyyy and ain’t that the truth…Start as you mean to go on, right?!

From mastering the art of flower crowns, getting my hair done daily (thanks to The Braid Studio, GOT’s Khaleesi didn’t have sh*t on my braids) and catching up with some of my fave sassy social babes, I had so much fun!

What's the best way to spend a Thursday night? Hanging out with The Bachelors, obvs. There was a long, long line of girls (right out of the doors!) to meet and chat with these five HUNKS. The guys were so funny, dancing and undressing (ok, so they were trying on some boohooMAN)…But it's safe to say that I was not the only boohoo gal peeking at Nick’s bod! 

I had real life style goals when Ade Samuels dropped by to pick out some her fave product in store. That woman has serious style…I mean, all of her picks went straight in my basket! Ade, I know you’re tight with Nicole Richie and everything but can you please be my BFF instead?

Friday night theboohoostoreLA hosted the final round of LA's Campus DJ, UCLA, you killed it!  I still think that DJ Viscous should have been the winner (am I allowed to say that?), just look at him workin' the room in our bomber! 

Thank you LA, you were unreal.