Things To Do On Mother's Day

Stuck on ideas for Mother's Day plans? Fear not, here's ten to get you kick-started and stress-free come the big day. 

Spa Day

Want to give your mom the most EPIC Mother's Day?! Book a relaxing spa day for the two of you.

Movie Night

Maybe there's a new film out at the movies she's been waiting to see or a movie you both love - use Mother's Day as a chance to lose yourselves in cinematography. Yep we're talking the likes of Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman - mom always knew best when it came to films... 

Day Out/Weekend Away

Money permitting, head to a place she loves or shares memories with you at. Whether that's a town you always used to go to for a fair or show in summer or a local holiday you used to take annually, sometimes the best walks involve a walk down memory lane. See how the area has changed and reminisce about old times. 

Dine Out

Chances are your mom will have a favorite restaurant so make the most of Mother's Day and take her there.  Good food = a good mood!

Hit The Shops

Shopping solves most things. So, aside from boohoo (obviously), head to the shops if you and your mm like a little retail therapy. 

Get Outdoors

Weather permitting (although if you don't mind the rain, do it anyway), head outdoors. Whether it's a 20 minute slow stroll or more of a country hike, the fresh air will do you the world of wonders, keeps you fit and gives you and your mom chance to catch up! 

Cook Together

Big food fans? Cook your mom her favorite meal or maybe you grew up baking together? If so, get the recipe book out and have a mini bake-off and see if mom's epic cake-making skills rubbed off on you. No grumpy moods if not, 9/10 mom knows (and does) best... 

Go Back To Your Childhood

Use the resources you've got and unleash your inner child. No, I don't mean your teenage tantrums, but sifting through old photos of the fam, bringing out the old school board games and doing things together you used to do growing up. This will put a smile on your mom's face more than you know!

Visit an Exhibition 

Whether you're art lovers or fashion fanatics, look in your local area to see what exhibitions are on. Whether you're visiting a new collection or want to head to one of your fave galleries, it's a great time to soak up some culture. 

Give Her The Day Off

And finally and for little or no money, give your mom the day off. Whether it's doing the household chores, cooking her breakfast or just running her errands for her - let mom be number one for the day.