Top 10 Celeb Hair Fails

Oh, hunny... no.

From poker straight fringes, bleach blonde disasters and the occasional perm (ahem, JT), we've pulled together some of the top celeb hair fails from the past few years, just for the LOLs. 


Here she is people. Back in '03 Christina made one hell of a come back when she hit us with Dirrty. And yes, we still slut-drop to that sh*t to this very day. 

The hair though. The hair. The poor hun is looking like she's lost a battle with a Babyliss braid twister (remember those bad boys?)

This is just screaming for a bottle of conditioner and some coconut oil. 


Oh RiRi. What happened here? We love her with short hair... but not when she combs it down to within an inch of its life. Why would anyone willingly have a bowl cut? The mystery continues. 

Justin Timberlake

The facial expression says it all. 

'I immediately regret this decision'

'My mom said I looked cool...'

'Where can I get some more mousse this late at night?'

We have a sudden craving for Pot Noodle... 

Keri Hilson

Remember Keri? She gave us the absolute banger that is Way I Are with Timbaland? If you don't, get on YouTube immediately and have a quick, 3-minute body roll to it.

It's a shame the hair wasn't on par with the tunes. It's not every day you see a layered fringe with highlights. So fetch.

Victoria Beckham

Who can forget 'The Pob'? Women up and down the country were ripping this out of magazines and flapping it in front of their hairdresser's face... fast forward 6 months, we regretted absolutely everything and had the joyous task of growing it out *enter awkward lop-sided bob*.

It's safe to say everyone much prefers a peroxide-free VB. We would never smile either if we had pictures like this haunting us. At least our Pob fail is buried deep within that Facebook album from '07. 


One of the more recent hair-mares, JB stepped out last week to reveal he's copped himself some dreads.

All we can think of is what happens when he wants to ditch them? Will it be a head-shaving sitch? Good luck to you, mate. We all know Jason Statham and Zayn are the only guys who rock a skin-head and still look fine AF. You're in for a challenge.

Girls Aloud

BOOM. Poker straight fringes? Check. Slanted cornrows? Check. Stripy highlights? Check.

We are SO glad our mums didn't let us do this when we were begging for these dos back in year 7. 

Nicole Richie

Ladies and gents, we give you 'The Faux-Hawk'. 

We love this gal. Simple Life was the one back in the day. But the hair game was defs not so strong. Step away from the crimpers, for the love of God. 

Craig David

Now this guy... there is something to be said about his facial hair. It's pretty sad when you realise your eyebrows will never be as manicured as Craig David's beard. Mad respect.