Top 5 Hair Transformations

Today officially marks Hairstyle Appreciation Day (who comes up with these right?) Pointless as it may seem, such an occasion deserves a look back at the best of bad hair-turned-good. Whether you're appreciative of binning that home dye bleach kit from 5 years ago or the fact your mum finally let you grow out that bowl cut (just me?)... you'll be pleased to know that even the most glamorous of celebs get it VERY wrong when it comes to hair. From Madge's dodgy barnet to Scarlett Johansson's mullet, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit all the throwbacks the A-List have quite rightly attempted to erase...

...and who can blame 'em!

Kylie Jenner

OBVIOUSLY this one was going to make an appearance, we will never get bored of seeing Kylie Jenner TBs. Not to mention she was 9 years old when her first transformation was made! Oh how far she's come...

Nicole Richie

We all feel nostalgic looking back at our fav style icon of the 'Simple Life'... but there is nothing simple about this hair. All hail Nicole for ditching the multi colour locks and switching out for the slick back.


Even Queen Bey had her moment - OK so she could have done Britney circa 2007 and we would probably all follow, but still... even this one is pretty funky for our all-time favourite beehive.  


What the? Who the? Was it intentional you ask? Sure, we love her for crazy hair dos and her try-anything-once kick ass attitude, but we must admit, we weren't sure where the inspo for this came from Madge.

Scarlett Johansson

This babe can rock a statement style... but it looks like Scarlett maxed out with this boy band-friendly mullet. Luckily she pulled it back with a killer do shortly after. Just don't try this at home...