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Are you ready to do the chony? No, I’m not talking about a new shape to throw on the dance floor; this particular movement refers to a brand new classic combo – a choker paired with a low pony. Don’t believe it’s a thing? Then why are three of us rocking it at boohoo HQ today? ! It’s totally a thing.

In case you’ve missed it, chokers are the one right now, Taylor Swift even dubbed them the new flower crown for festi season 2016! As a 90s chick I’ve long hailed the accessory du jour but this season, earn extra points for bumping up the grunge classic to a super glam width a la Gigi, Kendall and crew.

Want to master the vibe? Its outrageously easy, wake up, pull back your bed head hair into a (seriously) effortless pony tail keeping it loose and low and add choker of choice. Oh, don’t forget put on the rest of your OOTD.

Touch Me Textures

Get luxe on top and pair a wide velvet choker with a black cami, we're all over styles with a decorative neckline.

Little Sparks

Go off-duty glam with a  jersey choker and metallic knit pair up; do like Vicky and embrace your hair's natural texture this summer. 

Solid Rock 

If you're gonna kick it old school in a skinny satin or velvet number, go the whole way with a 90s band tee and biker; Rock On!