Valentine's Day Memes That Are Way Too Real

by Kate Beckitt

Valentine’s Day is here and it can be a tough time for the perpetually single of us that miss out on the free chocolate year after year. So how about some relatable AF memes to get you through?

You've just popped to the shop to grab a pint of milk and a bag of crisps but as you walk in the door you’re faced with this nightmare:

Next thing you know your basket is overflowing with Dairy Milk and ice-cream, ready to spend the day with the only two boys you can actually count on, Ben and Jerry:

It seems like reminders are all around you:

But the only things showing you any love are Snapchat (and the dentist):

Us perpetual singles must pass through the stages of coping...

Passive aggressiveness:

Actual aggressiveness:


And acceptance:

But eventually we learn to appreciate what we do have:

Plus, we get to have our fun on the (real) best day of the year - February 15th

But, haaaaving said that:


Image source: Instagram