VMAs Fever

It’s not yet August 28 and we are already on the edge of our seats for the VMAs! 

The event that brings us the best music performances and craziest fashion airs live this weekend in Madison Square Garden! You can always expect the unexpected at the VMAs; random strangers popping on stage, and lets not forget THE twerk off moment between Robin and our girl Miley!  

To feed our excitement, lets flashback to some of our fav VMA moments...

A round of applause please, for the mutha of VMAs!

When Diana touched lil Kim's Boobs. Ha, a moment that became phone cases!

The moment when we all thought the feud between Kayne and Taylor was over, GEED!

The jaw dropping moment when Queen B announced she was preggers!

Miley's costumes! Lets just say this B gotta whole lotta CHUTZPAH!

Kanye for PRESIDENT! (Time to Milly Rock)