Wardrobe Checklist!| Back To School

For this semester I’m advising you babes to shop smart. After all, we all want to get them A’s! 

When filling those holes in your wardrobe consider your vision, lifestyle, and persona.

Ask yourselves these 6 questions and then shop accordingly...

1.     What school events and soirees to do I have to attend this semester? ( and believe me you will need an outfit for EVERY event!)

2.     Do I have something similar? (I’m sure we are all guilty of purchasing repeats, I know I am!)

3.     Does it flatter me, color and fit wise? (If it doesn't fit, it's a miss!)

4.     Is it versatile? (Having versatile pieces makes it easier to throw an outfit together!)

5.     Do I own items to wear it with? (You don’t want it to sit in your closet!)

6.    Am I filling a wardrobe gap? (This is very IMPORTANT, if you have wardrobe gaps your outfits will be incomplete!)

Essential pieces needed to fill wardrobe gaps...

Jackets (bomber, denim, leather, trench)

Bottoms (high waist jeans, mini skirt, tailored shorts, trouser)

Basic Tops (bodysuit, crop Tops, white Tee) 

Dresses (casj, evening, dressy, party)