We <3 Gigi

As the supermodel turns 21 today, we run down the reasons we're all totally obsessed with Gigi Hadid.

She loves her family

Gigi and her siblings are pretty tight; they chill out together, hit up the red carpet together and show active support for each other over social media. We wanna be part of this clique...

She doesn't take herself too seriously

In a video with W Magazine, Gigi took the pi$$ out of herself and runway walk. We feel like she's the kinda gal we could have a laugh with. Crawling, anyone?

THAT killer bod

Gigi promotes a healthy, athletic lifestyle with a killer body to match. Hitting back at trolls who claimed she was too curvy for modelling, Gigi says she's not gonna change how she looks for anyone (I mean if you look like that, why should you?!)

For becoming a Backstreet Girl

When one of our fave supermodels teams up with one of our fave 90s boybands, you know the result is going to be pretty epic. Tyler Posey said Gigi's lip sync battle was "the coolest thing [I've] ever seen." Plus she took home the winning belt. Can we BE you for just a minute please?

She slays erryday

Ms.Hadid is a huge fan of that just-thrown-on vibe but nails serious glam when she's going out out too. She even makes netflix and chill dressing look cool.

Happy Birthday Gigi x