What We're Watching In January

The Revenant

If you haven't already seen the trailer or read the reviews, this is the story of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) who overcomes all odds as his life takes an unexpected turn. After being mauled by a bear he begins a miraculous journey to exact revenge on his betrayer and return home to his family. Rumour has it this may even be Leo's golden ticket for that long overdue Oscar... we'll have to watch and see!

Oh and did we mention that Tom Hardy is in it - yeah that's Leo and Tom TOGETHER, who really cares about the story line!

In UK cinemas January 15th 

In cinemas January 8th

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6b is here! This time we've taken five years into the future as the famous liars are brought back together for a final 20 episodes of secrets and  plot twists. If you're not 100% confused mid-season, they're doing it wrong.

Catch it on Netflix on January 13th


Just when you thought you'd exhausted all of the good horror films...

Ashley Benson makes another appearance (we're not obsessed, honestly!) in a chilling thriller that is WAY too close to home. It taps into the fear that someone, somewhere is watching you, and they know everything! 

In cinemas January 24th

Dirty Grandpa 

A grandpa on spring break, the comedy that is Robert De Niro and a few topless shots of Zac Efron… what’s not to like?

In cinemas January 28th.

Marvel's Jessica Jones

With the third in the connected Daredevils series', Luke Cage coming out later this year, now is the time to get all caught up on the superhero world with a bit of girl power! Jessica Jones is not your average heroin. She possesses superhuman strength (she doesn't know the extent), resistance to injury (although she's not sure if she's bulletproof) and she can also fly but is a little bit out of practise. After a tragedy puts an end to her short lived superhero career, she decides to settle in New York City and set up a detective agency with her priorities shifting from saving the world to saving her apartment and getting through each day. This is not a superhero film for kids.

No waiting for this one, watch it now!