Why Calvin Harris Gets All The Girls

By Kara Godfrey

As he turns 32 today, we look at why Calvin Harris really does get all the girls.


He looks kind of okay in the buff

Okay, more than okay... 

He won't drunk dial

He’s admitted to being teetotal, so don’t expect a drunken phone call from him at 2am when he’s out with the lads

He switches it up

He’s certainly gone through a radical transformation. We can relate from our hair glitter and Dream Matte Mousse days

He's killin' it

He’s broken a few records. Just the small ones such as ‘Most UK top 10 singles from one album’, and over one billion streams on Spotify. No biggie

He's got connections 

He used to work at M&S, so probably gets you a discount on that jumper for your mum


He's hot property

He's all the boyfriend goals (who doesn’t wish they were Ellie Goulding here…)

 GIF source: Giphy