Why Everyone Should Travel Alone At Least Once

Today marks World Tourism Day and we'd travel the world all day errryyyyday if we could but that ain't the life we're living. Thinking of travelling alone? Or even think going solo is so not you? Well stop and read because we've got all the reasons why everyone should travel alone at least once

It's all about you

Whilst we're not promoting being selfish, going alone means it's all about you. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? It's your itinerary, your wake-up time, the type of food you wanna eat and bedtime? It's whenever the hell you want it to be

And you'll change too

From the different cultures you'll immerse yourself in to the sights you'll see, you'll grow and come back as a shinier, brighter you

You'll meet loadsa cool people

Sure you may go alone but you'll meet tons of people straight away who you'll click with and never forget. And take epic group shots with 

You learn how to be okay alone

If you think you wouldn't be able to travel alone, even more reason to actually do it. You can survive alone, the world isn't any less pretty as a single person and it's damn empowering being somewhere new as simply you

And how to enjoy your own company

'Me time' is underrated. And much needed. Get to know yourself again, take five and find out what you enjoy and what you want from life 

And do some amazing things

From climbing mountains to abseiling down waterfalls, you'll do some pretty slick things that will tick off your bucket list and make the folks back home have serious FOMO  

You'll become a master of selfies 

Unless your new found squad is around to snap you next to all of the dreamy locations you'll find yourself in, you'll nail the selfie shot and some new found arm muscles   

It's a (hopefully) stress-free zone

Travelling with pals can sometimes mean arguing but going alone means no disagreements, aside from who's sleeping where in the hostel

You'll feel like you can do anything

Mundane back home tasks will seem a breeze after all of your travelling achievements   

And you'll make memories for life

From epic Insta shots to the in jokes you'll have forever with your travelling crew, travelling's the only thing you can buy that makes you richer