#boohooontheroad | Going Back To Cali

There's nowhere quite like the golden state, palm trees, warm winters, and beautiful beaches. After having the BEST time in our LA pop up store earlier this year, the boohoo team are so excited to be heading back to the West Coast. 

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Here's 9 reasons why we are super stoked to be going back, back to Cali...

1. Mexican food

Three words, burritos with fries...

2. The Weather

Forever summer = a bikini kinda life

3. In-N-Out

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner #mouthparty

4. Disney Land

The chance to be a kid again, hidden Mickeys everywhere!

5. Santa Monica Pier

Over-water ferris wheel and cotton candy...

6. The Beaches

Sunbathing and surfing? We are so down!

7. Sushi

There's NO need to go to Japan

8. The Hollywood Sign

You can't go to Cali and not get a snap of The Hollywood sign, you just can't!

9. Golden Gate Bridge

11 miles of AMAZINGNESS, who's up for a run?