Why Winter Rocks

Yep  the darker nights are here, but don't fear - winter can be a win in itself. Need some reasons why? We've got ten for you...


1. Chunky knits

A new season means an excuse to update your style.  From polo necks to knee high boots and jumper dresses, winter style is chic AND comfortable - hurrah.

2. All the food

Come winter, food ups its A-game. We're talking pies and stews to name a few. It’s filling, delicious and beats a salad any day.

3. The walking 

Summer strolls are all well and good, but nothing beats a crisp winter walk. Wrapping up and heading outdoors is refreshing and good for you.

4. Guilt free TV bingeing

Movie marathons in summer just seem wrong when it’s nice outside. Winter welcomes it. It doesn’t judge. So snuggle up, throw on your favourite film (or five) and wile away the hours.

5. Duvet days 

It’s time for the luxury thick duvets to come back out - yay! Disappear under a mountain of pillows, throws and sheets. If you sleep long enough it’ll be dark again so it’s not like you wasted a day when you never saw daylight right?

6. Beauty be gone

Girls can relax - the beauty regimes ease up now summer days are a distant memory. Less leg shaving, pedicures are barely seen and fake tan sessions to keep up with Susan who went to San Fran this summer in the office can stop, equaling more time for other things, like food and walks. 

7. Warm drinks
From mulled wine to hot chocolate, winter brings winning drinks with it.

8. Exer-what now?
Summer puts pressure on looking fit and toned. Your body is practically never on show (to the public) come winter so those fast abs and spin classes can slow down. Hell, walking anywhere in minus degree weather is effort in itself…

9. Christmas
Yep it's the most magical time of the year and there's nothing we count down to more. From advent calendars to carols and decorating to dancing - it'll always be our favorite day, no matter our age!

10. The colours
Fall/winter is up there as being one of the prettiest seasons with landscapes around you changing and leaves switching up their shade. Look up, seriously look up at the world around you and appreciate just how awesome autumn/winter is. Kick some leaves too.