Why You Don't Need A Date This Valentine's Day...

by Arun Mohammed

Single this V-Day? Don't sweat it. Here are five reasons why you don't need no man...

2017 is the year for independent women

"All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me"
Who needs a guy when you’ve got yourself? Have a long bath, sing some sassy songs and snuggle on the sofa whilst binge-watching some feel-good films.

The money you'd spend on a gift can be spent on yourself

Whilst some of your BFFs are frantically running around desperately trying to buy gifts for the most awkward people in the world a.k.a MEN, guess what your too busy doing- looking for YOURSELF!

Who needs a date when your squad is on point?

You and your girls can hit up your favourite spot, get some food, cocktails and some amazing memories. Whilst you’re at it be strong and sassy to get the attention of all the lads- A girl needs options.

Who wants to eat with a knife and fork?

Forget a romantic dinner, get a takeaway meal for two……to yourself and indulge in your fave food without anyone caring that you’ve got BBQ sauce on your face. Who needs to be scrutinised for trying to survive?

Because it just happens to be Nation Ferris Wheel Day 

Lastly, February 14th aka Valentine’s Day is a day with something better to celebrate.
Ferris Wheels bring joy to everyone because who doesn’t love the fair?
Remember girl’s boys break hearts, Ferris Wheels are fun.

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