Your 9-5 As Told By Miss Congeniality

Yep, April 25th - Miss Rhode Island's favourite day of the year is here. IRL, it's Monday and we're mourning the weekend. So we've taken to one of our fave chick flicks to help us get through the day in GIFs

When Your Alarm Sounds


Walking To Work Like...

All those weekend hours spent in no bra and joggers - I miss them  

'How Was Your Weekend?'

Ask me again after I've had my coffee 

Having An Outfit Malfunction

Okay so maybe breaking in my new six inchers wasn't made for Monday 

When The Squad Stop You Ruining Your Diet

They're not just colleagues, they're life-savers

But Then The Afternoon Slump Rolls Around

As does your resistant to all of the bad food. Monday doesn't count right? 

Giving Yourself A Pre-Meeting Pep Talk

Confidence is key. So what if your prep is non-existent? Fake it 'til you make it hunny 

But When Clocking Off Rolls Around

Feeling like a boss. Nailed it 

GIF source: ViGiphy