by Alex
10 years ago we heard this infamous intro from Lauren Conrad of Laguna Beach fame, little did we know how invested we'd become in the Hollywood drama that was about to unfold... Hi, I’m Lauren. I grew up in Laguna Beach — a small town with big drama. But now, it’s time for me to move on. I got an apartment with my good friend Heidi, I’m going to fashion school and I scored an interview for a killer internship with Teen Vogue. This is my chance to make it happen — in the one city where they say dreams come true.” Oh and boy was there drama. Boy drama, friend drama, work drama... A lot of wise words and life lessons... During Lauren's internship there were SO many memorable moments - Whitney falling over on live TV debuting her (lack of) catwalk skills, Lauren accidentally burning a designer dress they had borrowed and most memorable, the scathing words of Teen Vogue director Lisa Love... Ouch. Not forgetting the explosion that was Heidi/Spencer vs Lauren. The drama After a roller coaster of emotions, we were hit with the news that The Hills would end after series 6 FEAR NOT FANS. Lauren posted a sneaky Instagram to let us in on some top secret info, she's going to be b